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Every Woman Counts
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Training Center Frequently Ask Questions

Live Trainings

HPV & Cervical Disease: Risk-based management of screening results

Where are the live courses held?

Live courses are scheduled throughout the year at a variety of locations across California. Please click here for a schedule of upcoming courses and check back frequently for new offerings!

Is this course only for clinicians participating in the Every Woman Counts program?

No, the live courses are open to all clinicians practicing in California who perform cervical cancer screening as part of their scope of practice.

I am an RN trying to register, but it's asking for an access code.

The course is intended for physicians and advanced practice nurses. Registered nurses and other health professionals may be able to attend a course as an observer if there is space available. Please contact the training coordinator if you wish to be put on the observer list at or 619-594-6812.

What if I am unable to complete my payment online?

Please contact the training coordinator for assistance at or 619-594-6812.

What do I do if I need to cancel my registration?

If you need to cancel, please contact the training coordinator at or 619-594-6812.

Will I receive a refund if I need to cancel my registration?

If you cancel at least 72 hours before the course, you will receive a full refund.

It said registration is closed. Can I register?

Registration closes one week prior to the course date. However, if there is space available, you still may be able to register. Please email or call the training coordinator at or 619-594-6812.

Is there anything I need to do before the course?

You will receive an email two weeks before the course with specific information including directions, parking information, and the course agenda. This email will also contain a link to an online pre-assessment which must be completed prior to the course.

When will I receive my Nursing CE certificate?

You will receive an email with a link to open your Nursing CE certificate within 7 business days of the course.

When will I receive my CME certificate?

You will receive an email from UC Irvine with your CME certificate attached within 2-3 weeks of the course.

Online Trainings

Can I take any training?

Yes. Training modules are free and open to everyone. However, if you would like to receive continuing education units for your participation you will need to pay a small fee.

How do I know which module offers continuous education units?

If continuing education units are available, the number and type of units, along with the associated fee, are listed just under the title of the module. For example, Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Follow-up is eligible for 2.5 CMEs for $10 or 3 Nursing CEs for $5.

How can I receive my certificate for continuing education credits?

You will be able to request a continuing education certificate by following the simple steps below:

  1. Log in to your account and click on "My Certificate List"
  2. If you have not completed an evaluation, click "Evaluation Required" under "My CE Certificates." If you have already completed an evaluation you will see a "Request Certificate" link.
  3. Click on the "Request Certificate" link. You will then be directed to our online payment portal
  4. Enter your payment information and click "Submit".
  5. Soon after submitting your payment you will receive a confirmation email from and a separate email with a link to your Nursing CE or CHES®-CECH certificate.
  6. You will also be able to view and print your Nursing CE or CHES®-CECH certificate from the My Certificate List in your Training Center account.

Please note: If you are requesting a CME certificate, you'll need to complete steps 1-5 above; however, your CME certificate will be emailed to you from the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine approximately four to five weeks after your request.

Do I have to watch the training in one sitting or can I stop and start it?

You may pause or stop the videos at any time. Your training session will automatically restart where you left off on your next visit.

To take any modules, do I have to install any special plug-in on to my browser?

To watch the video, your browser must support HTML5. Google Chrome 31 and higher, Firefox 33 and higher, Internet Explorer 11 and higher, and Safari 7.1 and higher all support HTML5 videos. To find out what browser you are using click here to go to the If you are using an older browser, you may wish to update it. After ensuring that you have a compatible browser, if you continue to be unable to access our videos, you may need to update your computer's video driver. Click here to obtain the information on how to upgrade graphics drivers from

What is the difference between a Certificate of Completion and a CE Certificate?

Users who complete all sections of a training will receive a Certificate of Completion at no cost. Your Certificate of Completion will note your name, title of the course, and date of completion. This does not grant any kind of continuing education units.
CE Certificates confer continuing education credit and will note your name, title of the course, date of completion, and total contact hours earned. A small fee is required to receive a CE certificate.

Do I need to submit my CHES®-CECH certificate to the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC)?

No. The Institute for Public Health is a Category I designated provider and is responsible for reporting all CHES® continuing education activity directly to NCHEC. For more information, please read NCHEC's continuing education FAQs at

For more information concerning Professional Education activities, please contact:

Kelly Grande, MPE
Training Coordinator
Every Woman Counts

Last updated: June 19, 2017

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