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Patient Education

Below is a collection of health promotion and other patient education resources developed by Every Woman Counts for clinicians involved in the early detection and diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer.

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EWC Developed:

Every Woman Counts 'Check Me' app
The California Department of Health Care Services has launched a mobile application aimed at helping women stay healthy. The app uses a mobile messaging system to remind women about regular appointments and exams, as well as the latest news regarding breast and cervical cancer. The EWC "Check Me" app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Android. Dowload the FREE app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

EWC Check Me app

English Every Woman Counts Program Brochure Newly added
A brochure for informing your patients about program eligibility and services offered by EWC. Multiple language versions (PDF) of the brochure are available for download: EWC Brochure English, EWC Brochure Spanish, EWC Brochure Arabic, EWC Brochure Armenian, EWC Brochure Cambodian/Khmer , EWC Brochure Chinese, EWC Brochure Farsi, EWC Brochure Hindi, EWC Brochure Hmong, EWC Brochure Japanese, EWC Brochure Korean, EWC Brochure Loation, EWC Brochure Punjabi, EWC Brochure Russian, EWC Brochure Tagalog, EWC Brochure Thai , and EWC Brochure Vietnamese.

EWC Program brochure

Protect Yourself from Breast Cancer: Know the facts
A fact sheet that tells your patients about the importance of regular breast cancer screening and how to find out if they qualify for free screening services through the Every Woman Counts Program. Also available in breast facts Spanish, breast facts Chinese, breast facts Nepali/Bhutanese, and breast facts Vietnamese.

Know the Facts - Breast

Protect Yourself from Cervical Cancer: Know the facts
A fact sheet that tells your patients about the importance of regular cervical cancer screening and how to find out if they qualify for free screening services through the Every Woman Counts Program. Also available in cervical facts Spanish, cervical facts Chinese, cervical facts Nepali/Bhutanese, and cervical facts Vietnamese.

Know the Facts - Cervical

Reminder Cards
A perfect card for health providers to send to women to remind them it’s time for their breast and/or cervical cancer screening. This bilingual card is in English and Spanish, with ample space for a health provider to add a personalized message.

Reminder Card

What to Expect from a Clinical Breast Examination
This publication is a resource for patients in preparation for a clinical breast examination. Also available in CBE Spanish.

CBE Brochure

Why Aren't Screening Mammograms Recommended for Women Under Age 40?
This fact sheet will help your patients understand why mammograms are not routinely recommended for women under the age of 40. Also Available in Mammograms under Age 40 Spanish.

Fact Sheet Screening Mammograms Under 40 PDF

A Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment
The State of California requires that doctors give a copy of this booklet to patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

A Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment


National Sources:

This section offers selected links to patient education resources developed by national, not-for-profit organizations. While every care has been taken in their selection, EWC makes no claims as to the validity, quality, or viability of their content. No endorsement is made or implied. 

ASCO Answers Fact Sheets
ASCO Answers is a collection of oncologist-approved patient education materials developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for people with cancer and their caregivers.

ASCO Answers Guides to Cancer
The ASCO Answers Guides to Cancer help newly diagnosed patients better understand their disease and treatment options. These comprehensive, patient-friendly booklets not only contain information about tests, treatments, and side effects found on Cancer.Net, but also allow patients to keep track of the specifics of their individual diagnosis and treatment plan.

ASCO Care and Treatment Recommendations for Patients
ASCO Care and Treatment Recommendations for Patients are easy-to-read summaries based on ASCO Clinical Practice Guidelines that offer a patient-oriented view of the guidelines: providing background information, discussing the recommendations, explaining what those recommendations mean for patients, and providing a list of questions patients can ask their doctors for more information.

Breast Density - Breast Cancer Screening (brochure)
Visit "Tools You Can Use" on the American College of Radiology website for this patient education brochure about dense breasts.

HER2 Testing for Breast Cancer (ASCO)
In 2013, ASCO and the College of American Pathologists (CAP) issued an updated joint clinical practice guideline about human epidermal growth receptor 2 (HER2) testing for breast cancer. This guide for patients is based on ASCO and CAP’s recommendations.

Cancer Prevention and Control Podcasts (CDC)
Your patients can listen to these audio files on their computer now, or download them and listen to them later. Many are offered in short (one-minute) and long (three- to six-minute) versions. Browse the list to find informative podcasts on topics such as the HPV, as well as breast and cervical cancer screening.

Cancer Publications Online (CDC)
CDC publications are available online as Web pages, PDF documents, or both. Visit the CDC website for a variety of patient-oriented fact sheets, brochures, posters, and more on the topics of breast and gynecologic cancers.

Dense Breast - Stanford Health Care Newly added
This patient education section of Stanford Health Care describes what dense breasts are and why breast density is important for women to know about. An informative one-page flier, entitled "Dense Breasts: What you should know..." is available for download.

Making Sense of Your Pap and HPV Test Results (CDC)
This page answers common questions for patients who were screened for cervical cancer with a Pap test and an HPV test. Available also in HPV Spanish.

The Right To Know Campaign (CDC)
The CDC has designed a collection health promotion materials (e.g., posters, MP3 files, low-tech fliers, print advertisements, and tip sheets) to increase awareness of breast cancer among women with physical disabilities and encourage these women to get screened.

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Last updated: August 30, 2017

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