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Breast Cancer Diagnostic Algorithms for Primary Care Providers, June 2011 (4th Ed.)

The Breast Cancer Diagnostic Algorithms for Primary Care Providers was developed to aid primary care clinicians with the work-up of breast abnormalities and to promote the practice of routine risk assessment. Originally published in 1997, the 4th edition incorporates the latest research and guideline updates into a brief, user-friendly format.

Health care providers are encouraged to use the algorithms as an adjunct to clinical decision-making; they are not intended to replace clinical judgment with regard to individual cases.

Breast Cancer Diagnostic Algorithms

  1. Risk Assessment Table
  2. New Palpable Mass
  3. Abnormal Screening Mammogram
  4. Spontaneous Unilateral Nipple Discharge
  5. Breast Skin Changes/Nipple Retraction
  6. Breast Pain in a Non-Lactating Woman
  7. Breast Biopsy

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Last updated: July 9, 2013


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