Senate Bill 1851 Section 109277

BILL NUMBER: SB 1851     CHAPTERED  9/26/2006         BILL TEXT         CHAPTER   485         FILED WITH SECRETARY OF STATE   SEPTEMBER 26, 2006         APPROVED BY GOVERNOR  SEPTEMBER 26, 2006         PASSED THE ASSEMBLY   AUGUST 17, 2006         PASSED THE SENATE   MAY 25, 2006         AMENDED IN SENATE     MAY 1, 2006 AUTHORED BY Committee on Health (Senators Ortiz (Chair), Aanestad, Alquist, Chesbro, Cox, Figueroa, Kuehl, Maldonado, and Runner) MARCH 27, 2006 An act to amend Sections 109275, 109277, and 109280 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to public health.    LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL'S DIGEST SB 1851, Committee on Health Cancer: informed consent.

109277. (a) Every person or entity who owns or operates a health facility or a clinic, or who is licensed as a physician and surgeon and rents or owns the premises where his or her practice is located, shall cause a sign or notice to be posted where a physician and surgeon performs breast cancer screening or biopsy as an outpatient service, or in a reasonably proximate area to where breast cancer screening or biopsy is performed. A sign or notice posted at the patient registration area of the health facility, clinic, or physician and surgeon's office shall constitute compliance with this section. (b) The sign or notice shall read as follows:                           "BE INFORMED" "Upon a diagnosis of breast cancer, your physician and surgeon is required to provide you a written summary of alternative efficacious methods of treatment, pursuant to Section 109275 of the California Health and Safety Code. Your physician and surgeon may choose to provide the summary prior to the performance of a screening or biopsy for breast cancer at your request or at the physician and surgeon's discretion, when appropriate." "The information about methods of treatment was developed by the State Department of Public Health to inform patients of the advantages, disadvantages, risks, and descriptions of procedures." (c) The sign shall be not less than eight and one-half inches by 11 inches and shall be conspicuously displayed so as to be readable. The words "BE INFORMED" shall not be less than one-half inch in height and shall be centered on a single line with no other text. The message on the sign shall appear in English, Spanish, and Chinese.